Zombie Shoot Cheat codes & Hack free Cash, Gold and more for Android

Zombie Shoot hack

In a Town out of the way, a virus has revealed from a secret Lab. The virus brought a bloody zombie apocalypse. Play as a survivor and survivor terminator to against the Undead Tide. Walking in Dead City which infected by virus, resisting those evil undead come from everywhere.
The plague and those dead which are still walking turn the town into anarchy. The only thing you can trust is your guns. Not only you should shoot those corpses with your deadly guns, but also you have to find a way to save survivors and expose the truth. Grab your guns and armors, feel the adrenaline rush shooting game!


  • Crazy shooting experience
    Get into a world full of corpse. Meet different kinds of zombies:Infected Civilian, Dead Corpse from grave, Corrosion zombies, Giant zombies and even the giant deadly spiders. All of them will try to kill you with different ways!
  • Vairety guns and armors
    You don’t want to miss these reliable friends:GUNS. We have all kinds of guns here: Assault rife, handgun, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher and even Flamethrower! All of these are familiar to you: AK47 M16 Desert Eagle MP5 P90 Uzi M9. Hold your trigger! Undead must be eliminated!
  • High quality and amazing graphics
    Plenty of maps and places are waiting you to explore, such as community with no survivor, abandoned weapon shop, scientific laboratories filled with zombies. Terror, Dark, Survival. Maps will give you multiple experiences.
  • Several Story Events
    Facing several events: find the missing officer, stop the purge rescue the trapped civilians, defeat deadly nasty evil Boss. Experience a variety of assault to bring the stimulus, the pursuit of not just open the sense of refreshing; shocking audio-visual effects depicting the tense fighting, feel terrible Zombie doomsday world
  • Fun Interaction and Function
    Tables, chairs, cars, there are interesting interactions everywhere, using these help you pass the level, rescue civilians and evac safely; facing zombies waves after waves. Use grenades to damage or slow down zombies, these fighting skill can help you survive more time!

Updated cheat-codes Zombie Shoot on Android & iOS:

  • Add 200 000 Cash – 29zkD6Me
  • Add 1000 Gold – 23ctO9Jg
  • Unlock all Levels – S5c84pPp

How to use Hack Zombie Shoot?

  1. Download Zombie Shoot from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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