Zombie Dead Call of Saver Cheat codes for Money and Coins for Android

Zombie Dead Call of Saver cheat

As a zombie sniper, you need to eliminate every zombie coming to you!
The zombie killer’s job is to destroy all the zombies in this area!
Be careful about the surrounding room. These dead zombies may suddenly attack you from around you!

Game features:
❈ More weapons:
Pistols, rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, howitzers and other mainstream firearms are all available; 16 guns include AK47, M4, M249 and other world-renowned firearms; even individualized powerful weapons such as crosses, chainsaws and howitzers have ;
A variety of powerful equipment:
In addition to weapons, equipment is also necessary. Character Equipment: You can assemble bulletproof vests, reward gloves, gold cartridges, and gold bullets for your characters. These can not only eliminate zombies more quickly, but also get additional rewards; other auxiliary props: various throwing weapons, first aid kits. , slow clock, automatic aiming, transfer zombies attention;
❈ Multiple reward system:
Daily login reward, every day login game can obtain game currency rewards, the longer the continuous login, the more rewards are obtained; lucky big turntable, spend a small amount of gold coins can draw, have the chance to get weapons or huge amount of gold coins reward;
❈ You don’t need a network to play anytime, anywhere:
No WiFi, no problem, all game modes and levels support offline play; story mission mode and endless slam mode do not need network, want to play anytime, anywhere.

The fate of human beings is in your hands, and betting on the name of your zombie sniper and good zombie killer also destroys these dead zombie!

In a few minutes you will get Zombie Dead Call of Saver hack, which is superior to other methods. It is fast and safety of use. In this article you will find a detailed description of the operation of this method. None apk file does not give you such freedom in passing and improving  your level. To take advantage of the game you need installed the game Zombie Dead Call of Saver on Android, iOS, detailed instructions and codes.

Updated cheat-codes Zombie Dead Call of Saver on Android & iOS:

  • Unlimited Cash – 62vJe9Os
  • Unlimited Gold Coins – kl08J8dR

How to use Hack Zombie Dead Call of Saver?

  1. Download Zombie Dead Call of Saver from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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