Tiny Farm Family Mod and Hack free Levels and Money for Android

Tiny Farm Family hack

Farm sim the most unique game which is FREE to download. Enjoy to drive and build with full of fun. Fulfill the driving mania with farming simulator. Take your cap and sit behind the gigantic machinery to build the builder story. If you love farm village this is perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate pig farming games where you are given the chance to prove your strategy of my little farmer you are on the mission to reach the title of my big little farmer. Do it in the best possible way and enjoy this tiny simulation created by Sablo Games

Being the player of this farm island games your role is like a farmer who has to build his house, grow crops/vegetables to survive in a jungle. The story of this little farm revolves around the stone age where a person is stuck in the jungle with his family. Here in this tropical island games he needs to get survival of his and his family. For this purpose he has to work hard. If he does not work the beast of the jungle will eat his family. Now the first step of this tiny simulator is to need shelter for his and his animals. Being the player of this town tycoon you have to construct herd for animals. You have to pick wood fences and place them on the marked area. The next step of this virtual pet game is to make roof of your herd. You have to pick wood pieces and place them on the marked place to make roof of the house in this farm Expert. You need to drive animal van from city to village in this farm harvest spring season. Now the second step is to do something for hunger in this city construction game 2017. You have to plow the field. The first step of ploughing is seeding then watering in this build crafting and building games. Before you did watering, you have to construct a tube well in this building tycoon games. You have dig marked area 2 times with the help of excavator. You need to just pick bricks with the help of mobile crane and make the walls for tube well in this exploration games. The next level is to do watering in your field in this construction world. In this city builder vehicles next level is harvesting. Then you need to pick hay bales with the help mobile crane and put them into thrasher. You have to drive thrasher which automatically take out seeds from hay bales and fill them into the 3 boxes. The next work which is assigned to you is to construct barn to store your food. Then the next task is to make the house for yourself here you need to follow all the construction steps which you followed previously in this construction simulator games. Plow another food for your animals and yourself and so on. Be the active member of this town building games and have a lot of fun.

Updated cheat-codes Tiny Farm Family on Android & iOS:

  • Unlock all Levels – BKx9jy72
  • Unlimited Money – 9lsMpK46

How to use Hack Tiny Farm Family?

  1. Download Tiny Farm Family from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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