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Novoland The Castle In The Sky cheat

At the land of honor and fantasy, there have Human, Skyborn, Elfin, the three mysterious races to keep the safety of Novoland. Now, the war is coming. Novoland is been threatened, the three races been destroyed. You are the warrior now, to fight with evil. It’s time to confront your fate, and discover your path of legendary.
– Novoland is 3D Fantasy Open World; it’s a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It’s redefining the 3D MMORPG experience on mobile. Now, it’s free to play.
– Experiencing the 3D Stunning Visual, Fly in the open world with everywhere you want.
– There have variety of wings and everyone can own that. Experiencing flying with your friends in the stunning visual world.
– Start your path of legendary by selecting either Hunter、Dancer、Cabalist or Minstrel classes, each with their own unique power and characteristics.

1、 Raids with Friends
– Up to 20 different types of Raids let you to adventure.
– Collect loot in different Raids after defeating the cruel bosses.
– Raid team combination with different classes, max the efficiency of your team.
– Each Boss in Raids will have their own weakness and different ult skills; find the best combination of the team will easily defeat the Boss.

2、 Real-time PVP
– Join the multiplayers Battle Royale Mode. You only need to do, is to survival from the battle ground.
– Massively Real-time PVP with the players around the world.
– Prove yourself in Arena Battle with 1V1, 3V3, and 5v5 Real-time PVP modes. Try your best to dominate the Arena Battle, and to become the legendary.
– Each class have four superior skills, it can change the result by one second!
– Clan Battle Ground, you must defend your Clan’s Honor.
3、 Customization
– Broad choice of clothes, haircut and wings at your disposal, even you can dye your clothes and haircut with different color. Also you can makeup yourself, create your own unique character!
– Even you can change the appearance of your weapon, makes you become outstanding in the battle ground.
– Broad choice of your wings, modern or classic, cartoon or cool, it will be have a type that you like.
4、 Social
– Chat with players around the world, with the voice system.
– Flying with your friends or lovers, romantic duel flying in the fantasy open world.
– Post your selfie or pictures on the personal homepage; show yourself in game and become famous in Novoland.
– Take No UI selfie of your character and favorite moments, record your game life
– Take No UI photos with your friends or lovers, record your game story.
– Advanced clan system, your clan is your family.
– Wedding, born baby and build house with lovers, experiencing the real life in game!

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  • Unlimited game Resources (silver, gold, gems and more) – 3ff9KSl1

How to use Hack Novoland The Castle In The Sky?

  1. Download Novoland The Castle In The Sky from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
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  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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