Legacy of Destiny Cheat codes, & Hack free Diamonds for Android

Legacy of Destiny cheat

Brand new 3D Fantasy MMOARPG Masterpie of 2018!
Most fair and romantic action MMORPG coming!
Enjoy unlimited battle & Trade free in grand open world with stunning visuals and graphics!

Legacy of Destiny is a fair and romantic 3D MMORPG mobile game features on many unique gameplay and systems. Creative marriage and wedding system grants you the real social experience. “Fair play” proceeds fast growing and level up with plenty of resources needed for growth by doing daily quests, killing bosses and unlimited PK & events. Buy or sell for money in the free trade system.

[Game Features]

Real & Romantic Social Experience
– Sweet wedding. Easy to meet someone you love in the game. Play together and grow together, hand in hand to the romantic wedding ceremony. Special wedding fashion attair and powerful wedding rings. Exclusive couple dungeon for you to explore!
– Cross-server PVP and all-server chatting makes the game more thrilling and exciting.
– Sharing items among guildmates. In Legacy of Destiny, you can easy share items to your friends in guild and help each other. All in one! Make your guild more stronger.

Free Trade System
– Earn profits everyday! In the trade market, you can sell all the items you don’t need or extra equipments you obtained from killing bosses or other quests. None of your items or time shall be wasted.
– Freedom of choice! A lot of precious items in the trade market for you to pick.

Abundant Gameplay & Fierce PVP
– PvP is allowed on all maps. Unlimited PK in the grand open map and enjoy the excitement in massive PVP. Defeat red-name player will have a chance to get ultimate equpment. Seize your chance!
– Cross-server PK system will allow you to chase for the Top position with players from different servers. Just show your power!
– High drop rate of BOSS. Grab rich resources from fierce BOSS while you should take care of assaults from other players. If you are strong or lucky enough to give the last blow, then the ultimate equipment is yours. Watch out!

Customized Looks: Cool Mounts & Wings
– Flying mount, really cool and useful. Dozens of cool mounts including Phoenix, flying rocket Kuma bear and so on. Accompany you to travel across the grand open world .
– Abundant wings will make you stand out of the ordinary. Will you be the angel and save the world ?
– Customized fashion attairs make you the fashion icon.

Rich Welfare & Resources
– “Fair play” proceeds fast growing and level up with plenty of resources needed for growth by doing daily quests, killing bosses and unlimited PK & events.
– With the high rate investment plan, you can gain 88800 diamonds for free easily!
– Offline autoplay system helps you to upgrade and gain resources easily. 24h non-stop to be the top player. Fast grow and level up!

In a few minutes you will get Legacy of Destiny hack, which is superior to other methods. It is fast and safety of use. In this article you will find a detailed description of the operation of this method. None apk file does not give you such freedom in passing and improving  your level. To take advantage of the game you need installed the game Legacy of Destiny on Android, iOS, detailed instructions and codes.

Updated cheat-codes Legacy of Destiny on Android & iOS:

  • Add 6 980 Diamonds – E9Vs68og

How to use Hack Legacy of Destiny?

  1. Download Legacy of Destiny from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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