Dinosaur Simulator 2019 Cheat codes for Android and IOS

Dinosaur Simulator 2019 cheat

In Dinosaur Simulator 2019, now you finally get a chance to know that feeling! Play as real Tyrannosaurus Rex and survive in the wildness as long as you can. Evolve your dinosaur to dominate the simulator world. Your aim is to cause mess, wreck, demolish, ram, smash everything interactive and also annoy citizens. In the forest, you have to hunt small dinos or other animals and make them your prey. They can feel your presence and can smell, so don’t make noises when you’re ready to hunt them! Enjoy the cinematic cut scenes showcasing the savage bites, claws and sharp teeth in Dinosaur Simulator 2019!

The sounds will drive you crazy to play and kill the wild animals of the era. In your mission you gain points and experience, the faster you get them the more bonus you receive. Always keep an eye on the timer to complete the targets before it runs out. Be sure and look around in all the corners and uncover all the map secrets. Become a crazy dinosaurs and hunt for all kinds of creatures. Wreak havoc in peaceful environments and destroy cars, buildings and flora.

– Control the left joystick to move.
– Tap right button to jump.

In a few minutes you will get Dinosaur Simulator 2019 hack, which is superior to other methods. It is fast and safety of use. In this article you will find a detailed description of the operation of this method. None apk file does not give you such freedom in passing and improving  your level. To take advantage of the game you need installed the game Dinosaur Simulator 2019 on Android, iOS, detailed instructions and codes.

Updated cheat-codes Dinosaur Simulator 2019 on Android & iOS:

  • Unlimited Coins – 7Olx7a3Y
  • Unlock all Dinosaurs – m3B6h1tL
  • Unlock all Levels – v1Ncp2I5

How to use Hack Dinosaur Simulator 2019?

  1. Download Dinosaur Simulator 2019 from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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