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Clash & GO cheat

Clash & GO is a first game to combine a fun geolocation game in augmented reality (AR) and an epic city-building strategy game with real-time battles.

Take control of your own asteroid base in space! Show your tactical skills by establishing defence tower, training your troops, and leveling up your hero. Can you build an impenetrable stronghold that stops other people from stealing your stuff?

Then hop into your cool fast spaceship (and walk outside in the real world!) to explore the surface of a huge AR planet and find mysterious artifacts and useful buildings. Will you be lucky or fast enough to capture them first? You can also use your army to take over a rival base and seize what’s rightfully yours.

There’s always something fun to do in Clash & GO! At any moment, you can start a single player campaign and try to conquer over 60+ increasingly powerful AI enemies. Use the reward to strengthen your defences and prepare for real war.

Clash & GO is a popular new tower defense and RTS that’s full of action! Upgrade your defense, attack other people, become addicted to the best mobile game out there!

Hurry to be among the first lucky people to reach the top rating in your city! With some faith and desire, you will be able to reach the top level and show your friends who’ve got the best army in the city.

Ask your friend to be an ally or get into the clan to fight other friends in PVP war. Level up your hero and unit and attack the enemy together with friends to win epic rewards! Invent new special strategy and conquer a cunning AI in a single player campaign. Upgrade your troop to fight and defend against any enemy. Trusted friends and your spaceship is all you need. New rewards await brave galaxy explorers in this fun free to play mobile space RTS. Become addicted to the best free online mobile game on the planet. The fate of the galaxy lies upon your shoulders!


+ Build an impregnable asteroid base
+ Assemble different types of cool special units into a victorious army
+ Level up your hero with classic RPG elements as you play
+ Explore an Earth-sized open world planet in AR
+ Find ancient treasures and powerful artifacts if you’re lucky
+ Complete quests by exploring interesting and cool locations in the open world
+ Find and capture useful buildings for your gain
+ Shape the augmented reality planet to your desire
+ Engage other players in a fierce PvP battle
+ Forget boring magic and fantasy and fight an epic online battle in the galaxy!
+ Create a popular clan with your friend or ally and wage war to control your neighborhood!
+ Put your faith in your clan and defend your space asteroid
+ Earn a special game score and reach the top of the player rating

In a few minutes you will get Clash & GO hack, which is superior to other methods. It is fast and safety of use. In this article you will find a detailed description of the operation of this method. None apk file does not give you such freedom in passing and improving  your level. To take advantage of the game you need installed the game Clash & GO on Android, iOS, detailed instructions and codes.

Updated cheat-codes Clash & GO on Android & iOS:

  • Unlimited Resources – kE1v80zT

How to use Hack Clash & GO?

  1. Download Clash & GO from the Google Play Store or the App Store;
  2. Gain access to hacking instructions;
  3. Make a test purchase and get money to the account;
  4. Repeat the free purchase if necessary.

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